Cider Pressings: June 2014

Where’s Alan..?

Alan-PimpernelLots of consternation in the Pearson family!

We’re meant to be having a planning meeting for the 2014 pressing season, and it turns out that Alan [Pearson Snr.] spends most of the summer travelling all over the place playing bowls.

He is currently doing a fairly good impression of the Scarlett Pimpernel! It would also explain how the two cases of cider that we seemed to be “missing” from the mill have ended up behind the bar at Moreton bowls club!

Whoops, we’ve run out of Medium Dry… :(


Well, we’ve certainly learnt one thing pretty quickly about this cider making lark!

If you don’t bottle enough, you sell out. Turns out people quite like it and sure enough we’re out of Medium Dry. Luckily we had time to do far more medium cider and might just about have enough left until we do the next bottling run at the end of July. We won’t be making that mistake again!

Welcome to our Blog!

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