A couple of years ago after exactly 25 years working in the City of London, he had a light bulb moment, and realised the following things in the following order:

“Insuring oil rigs, refineries and super tankers is really, really boring. Unless they blow up. But if they do that, I get into big, big trouble. I don’t want to do this anymore…

I love making and drinking cider and I reckon that the stuff I make is good enough to sell.

Right, that’ll be it then. That’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to be a cidermaker!”

And he did.


So with no business plan, only a vague idea of how to scale up from making a couple of hundred bottles a year to being a big grown up cider mill, and a bank manager that just couldn’t stand to see a grown man cry, Pearson’s Cider Co. was born.

They moved into the cider mill in Lower Lemington in the Spring of 2013, and have successfully made it through their first cider making year, and manged to produce some pretty awesome ciders.

When he’s not pressing apples you’ll find Mike wandering around the Cotswolds seeking out new places to sell his cider or looking for new cider apple orchards.



He’s in charge of inspecting every apple that we press, making sure they get a proper wash and then sending them on their way into the mill. He loves a good chat. In fact if you buy him a pint he’ll talk to you about absolutely anything, whether he knows about it or not.




He knows about pressing apples. He’s in charge of building the cheeses and pressing them so we get lots of lovely apple juice that we can make into cider. [ There is also an even more junior Pearson who stands on a box so he can reach the on/off button for the press, but we don’t tell the Health and Safety people that ].